grassfed babies about me

In a world of opinionated and judgmental mommas, how do you know if what YOU are doing is the right way? 

You don’t. 

Heck, I could be judging you right now, but I’m not (cuz that’s impossible, I can’t see you through the screen). You see, this motherhood, crunchy, no vax, pro-vax, raw milk, date seed milk, no meat, only meat-eating kind of world is confusing. And heaven forbid you come across another family that does the complete opposite of how you choose to raise your family based upon your Google research. 

You aren’t meant to be like everyone else and you don’t have to put up with the bull💩of how mommas look👀at you from the sidelines. 

You wanna be “crunchy”? Be Crunchy. 

You wanna follow the strict vax schedules your pedi put you on, go for it. 

What matters is that you and your family GROWS. Grow your babies and Mom-Rock. 

The grass will grow no matter what you do. It grows with water, poisonous fertilizer, dirt, sun, and even muddy feet. Keep growing with the grass. And along the way, catch a unicorn 🦄as they trot so eloquently across the grassy meadow. Oh, look, a unicorn fart🌈

More rainbows are coming your way. Eat the grass and grow with us.   

🧜🏾‍♀️Love Aspyn, 

Raw milk drinkin’, cow tongue lickin’, & grass-eatin’ Zumba® mother of 11 (not a typo).

"Let food be thy medicine" ~Hippocrates

Grassfed Babies