February 15, 2023

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Burgers, pizzas and chips galore,
A heavy load of fat and more.
Shakes laden with sugar and cream,
Rising up our waistline to stream.

Fries with a deep-fried hue,
Where the nutrition they forsake to pursue.
Fizzy drinks that blight today,
Making it difficult to lose weight’s maze.

Processed food everywhere you look,
No vitamins for our book!
Slathering mustard on a bun,
Makes us question what we’ve become.

A Lack Thereof…


A diet that was once quite rich,
Seems now to be a gastronomic glitch.
Boxed food from lab to shelf,
Ruining our mental and physical health.

Sugar-coated cereals for the young,
Wide-ranging diseases with which we’ve been stung.
Chicken burgers in their glorious golden fry,
It’s all too easy to indulge and deny.

Processed meat and canned produce,
Melted cheese and non-nutritive juice.
The standard American diet,
This is the meal that sets us off yet!

Fast food restaurants at every corner,
So many choices make us wonder.
Pick-up meals for our daily lunch,
Away from home with a grease-drenched crunch.

Takeaway menus that lure us in,
A thick milkshake with an accompanying tin.
Convenience keeping us on the go,
When making healthy meals we should know.

Junky snacks and vending machines,
Highly processed food is what it seems.
Our health should not be at stake,
Choosing nutritious meals is the way to take!

So let’s find balance in our life,
Those temptations should not be rife.
Revel in the natural and fresh,
To fill us with health and zest.

Organic greens that we must munch,
Prolonging our lives by a bunch!
Take away all the guilt and stress,
Make nutrition a well-deserved success.

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A Lack Thereof…


About the Author

Aspyn Gunel is a mother of 11 (6 kings and 5 queens) who are all thriving on healthy, homemade meals. It's her mission to show that eating healthily need not be complicated or tasteless! After having experienced the highs & lows of parenthood eleven-fold, Aspyn shares how she uses Weston A Price's nutritional philosophy - which celebrates real food & traditional farming practices - as the foundation for her family’s diet. Join Aspyn in learning about living simply but deliciously through life’s little quirks; you're sure to pick up some tips along the way!

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