March 13, 2023

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Contrasting Nourishing Traditions and the Standard American Diet

Nourishing traditions come from times of old;
Their flavors, textures and scents delight our soul.
Soaked whole grains fill us up with needed energy,
And organic produce creates the ultimate synergy.

Fresh fruits and veggies that are well and prized,
Deliver the nutrients to keep us energized.
They offer antioxidants to help fight disease,
Which helps our bodies feel quite at ease.

But alas, today we’re turning our back;
On the nourishing traditions that we lack.
The standard American diet has taken its place –
Filled with processed foods that take away grace.

It’s no wonder we’re gaining pounds each day;
For burgers or fries are now how we play.
So say a prayer that we’ll eventually see:

The greatness of nourishing traditions for US will be!

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About the Author

Aspyn Gunel is a mother of 11 (6 kings and 5 queens) who are all thriving on healthy, homemade meals. It's her mission to show that eating healthily need not be complicated or tasteless! After having experienced the highs & lows of parenthood eleven-fold, Aspyn shares how she uses Weston A Price's nutritional philosophy - which celebrates real food & traditional farming practices - as the foundation for her family’s diet. Join Aspyn in learning about living simply but deliciously through life’s little quirks; you're sure to pick up some tips along the way!

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